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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your processing time for orders?

Orders are packed within 2-5 business days unless there's a backlog of orders/national holiday. Once your item is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking details (unless it's a sticker)

Why is shipping so expensive?

I don't make any additional income on shipping, I just charge a flat fee of what the United States Postal Service charges and often dish out the additional costs out of pocket.

If shipping costs got you down, consider getting a sticker or joining my Print & Sticker club on Patreon!

Can I get a tattoo of your artwork?

Absolutely! If it is for your own personal use and intended to be tattooed on your body. I just ask that you purchase a print of the piece or make a small purchase in my shop to support my work (vs. me charging a design fee). I would LOVE to see photos of your tattoos, so please tag and credit me for the design if you post about them on social media!

***This does not include the rights for tattooers to use my work as tattoo flash and profit off my designs without permission.

Do you do commissions? Can you draw me a tattoo?

First off, let me say how insanely flattered I am that so many of you reach out to me asking me for a custom piece. Unfortunately, my schedule hasn’t permitted me the time to accept any commissions/custom work for the last 2 years since being self-employed. If I do open commissions in the future, I will be sure to announce it on my social media platforms.

Can I use your stickers in my resin pieces?

For your own personal projects, absolutely! But not for pieces that you intend to sell in a shop or for profits.

Can I redraw your work?

Short answer is no, I’m not really comfortable with my work being copied or highly referenced. It’s never resulted in a positive experience or made me feel flattered. I really encourage creators to find their own voice and experiment with different mediums and styles.

Where do you get your prints/stickers/pins made?

I’ve been really thankful for the friends I’ve made in this field and them confiding their sources/manufacturers to me. With that said, I don’t share my manufacturers outside of my close group of friends.