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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please allow 2-4 weeks for US orders to arrive and 1-2 months for International orders! Thank you for your understanding xo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tattoo of your artwork?

Absolutely! If it is for your own personal use and intended to be tattooed on your body. I just ask that you purchase a print of the piece or make a small purchase in my shop to support my work (vs. me charging a design fee). I would LOVE to see photos of your tattoos, so please tag and credit me for the design if you post about them on social media!

***This does not include the rights for tattooers to use my work as tattoo flash and profit off my designs without permission.

Do you do commissions? Can you draw me a tattoo?

First off, let me say how insanely flattered I am that so many of you reach out to me asking me for a custom piece. Unfortunately, my schedule hasn’t permitted me the time to accept any commissions/custom work for the last 2 years since being self-employed. If I do open commissions in the future, I will be sure to announce it on my social media platforms.

Can I use your stickers in my resin pieces?

For your own personal projects, absolutely! But not for pieces that you intend to sell in a shop or for profits.

Can I redraw your work?

Short answer is no, I’m not really comfortable with my work being copied or highly referenced. It’s never resulted in a positive experience or made me feel flattered. I really encourage creators to find their own voice and experiment with different mediums and styles.

Where do you get your prints/stickers/pins made?

I’ve been really thankful for the friends I’ve made in this field and them confiding their sources/manufacturers to me. With that said, I don’t share my manufacturers outside of my close group of friends.

Do you have tutorials on how you paint things?

Not currently, I hope to dedicate a bit more time on making YouTube videos in the future to help with some basic techniques and go through some of the supplies I use the most.

What supplies do you use?

I tag most of the supplies in my posts, either in the photo or hashtags/descriptions, but in case you missed it, see below!

Digitally: I use an iPad with an apple pencil and the Procreate app. I use this exclusively to just clean up my paintings.

Traditional supplies:

My main mediums are acrylic gouache and watercolors. I will start my saying that the brands I use, are 100% my personal preference and I totally encourage you to try a wide array of supplies and see what properties you prefer! My preferred companies are Turner acrylic gouache and Sennelier or Winsor and Newton watercolors.

My paper preference is super thick 300-600 gsm cotton watercolor paper with a cold press finish.


When do you ship rewards and when will I receive them?

I try my absolute best to process all Patreon rewards within the first 2 weeks of the month. These rewards are shipped in a small envelope via letter mail (no tracking). This allows for me to ship all your rewards without having to worry about $14 in shipping fees and pesky customs. Because it is shipped with letter mail, it can take 2-8 weeks for your rewards to arrive to their new homes.

I haven’t received my rewards yet. Are they lost in the mail?

Thus far, after packing over 3000 rewards - only two have been lost in transit. Most of them just like taking their sweet time to travel all the way to their new homes (especially overseas). Please allow the full 8 weeks of processing time and feel free to email me afterwards if you haven’t received them.

I joined Patreon today, which rewards will I get?

I charge all Patreon supporters on the 1st of every month, that means if you join on February 15th, you will be charged on March 1st and you will receive the March rewards.

I bought something from the secret shop, will it be included with my regular rewards?

In most instances, when you purchase past rewards they will be shipped separately from your monthly rewards. ‘Add on’ items will be included with your monthly rewards, unless it is way too heavy to put all in one envelope.