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• U.S orders are shipped via First Class Package, which includes tracking.

• Canadian/International orders are shipped via First Class Package and includes a tracking number. Allow 4-8 weeks for items to be delivered.

• Delivery times vary per country and does not include insurance in the event of damage or loss. Please note that you may also be subjected to VAT/customs fees. 

As a seller I cannot be held responsible for the postal delivery's service. I am not responsible if you have provided me with the incorrect shipping address at the time of purchase and were unable to change it before I ship it. Please ensure you provide the correct address at checkout. 


My listing descriptions and drop down selections are very clear for my storefront. I am not held responsible if the buyer doesn't read the description or selects the drop down in haste. Please review the options selected before checking out. It clearly states if you purchase a print (type/size), an original, or other. The items selected are displayed during checkout and on your final invoice.

I do not accept refunds and am not responsible if a package is lost.

Please contact me at michellecoffee@live.com if you experience any issues or have questions.


With the recent implementation of the GDPR, I wanted to ensure my EU customers that I do NOT use any 3rd party applications or services to would store your data. I am the sole owner of this business and only use your data to ship/fulfill your orders. If you have ANY concerns about how I store your name/address/e-mail please contact me direct at michellecoffee@live.com and I will delete all your data from my end!